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LaTeX in WordPress


I will write about a program which converts a LaTeX file into code one can copy and paste into WordPress. I found this program at this blog: LaTeX to WordPress. The author provides a .zip archive with several files. The archive can be downloaded from here: latex2wp.

Actually there is not much to write about, since it is quite easy to use as the archive includes a README file with a short user-guide. So, first of all, one must have python installed on his computer. It can be downloaded from here: python. After that the archive should be extracted into one folder, and the .tex file to be converted placed there. Finally, one should execute the python code in the command line with a command:

python yourlatexfile.tex

which produces a file yourlatexfile.html which can be copy/pasted into WordPress.The archive contains an example of a .tex file which can be successfully converted.

So this is it, hope this saves some time to somebody and thanks to the author.

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